Friday, June 3, 2011

Anand Dayi Shala,Kansal Zilla Raigad.

 This was the third project to create a play area for the school children most of which come from tribal families.
The information that i gathered over the last two months of working in these villages was not something i knew before starting the project.
The intention for creating these kind of play structures had come to my mind after visiting these schools and the starkness in their environment. 
Most of the parents of these school children are Adivasis who abandone their homes and leave their children behind by themselves in search of work.
They only return home after 3 to 4 months.
The school becomes a focal point in the lives of the children as they get two pairs if uniforms and one meal a day free from the school under the government scheme of Sarva Siksha Abhiyan. 
What i understood from the teachers is that it is very difficult for them to convince the children to come regularly to the school and attend their classes.

By creating these play areas the school premises became a place of attraction where everyone from the village wanted to come and get the experience of these play structures, young and old.

The Zilla Shikshan head (Authority  Local Education Deprtment) told me that this will be an interesting experience,that once the children come to play at school it will be easy for them to bring them into the class rooms.

I could observe this by the eagerness the villagers and the children showed and how they were waiting patiently till we completed and installed the play structure.

Anadadayi School Kansal Zilla Raigad.

Children playing with their handmade toys.
Joining the tyres.


Finished Work.

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